Expungement or Sealing of Records

The State Appellate Defender’s Office is charged with the responsibility of providing forms and information to those wishing to seal or expunge certain court records. Detailed information and needed forms are available on thier website at www.illinois.gov/osad. They may also be reached toll free at (866) 787-1776 or via email at expungement@osad.state.il.us.

Read all instructions and forms on the State’s website carefully to be certain you are eligible and which forms you must use. Do not sign your forms until you are before a notary public.

  • After the correct Petition is completed and notarized, the original Petition and four (4) copies are to be sent to the Bureau County Circuit Clerk’s Office accompanied by a payment of $60.00 in the form of a money order. A list of addresses specifying the arresting agency and the name and address of your attorney, if any, must be provided to the Bureau County Circuit Clerk.
  • Each case you are seeking to have expunged or sealed requires a separate payment of $60.00.
  • The Circuit Clerk will send the Petition to all required agencies. A notice of your Court date will be sent to you at that time. Arresting agencies have 60 days to file an objection to a Petition. If no objection is filed, the court will review the Petition on the court date.
  • If your Petition is granted by the Court, there is an additional fee of $60.00 payable to the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification (BOI). The BOI will not accept an Order for Expungement without payment.

Juvenile expungement is different from adult expungement. Please go to the State Appellate Defender’s website regarding juvenile expungements for additional information.

Bureau County Circuit Clerk staff members are not attorneys. We cannot assist in completing any forms.

*The Circuit Clerk Record Search is intended to be a summary of information for the public. It does not take the place of legal information held in the actual Court file. The Bureau County Circuit Clerk accepts no liability for discrepancies between the electronic version and the official printed document.

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